Beautiful And Glowing Hands Using The Best Natural Hand And Nail Treatment Cream

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Hands are always susceptible to drying because their moisture content is robbed due to excess water and soap particles every day. While working in the outdoor area or the indoor kitchen, the hands face the harshness of the weather. But can we keep the exposed skin surfaces extremely soft and supple?

 Yes! It is not magical to create a barrier between air and skin. We need to find a good hand and nail treatment cream that is full of skin healing properties. And just never forget to smear a thick layer of that magical cream on your hands. 

 How Are Hands Roughed?

 The answer lies in the routine work of the women who never fear completing the daily tasks that involve hands. Sometimes just preparing food for the family or feeding their children, or finishing your office work for hours without giving appropriate rest to fingers, robs the skin of its natural moisture. The skin gets dull and flakes appear on the edges. The exposed areas of hands also are tanned due to harsh sunlight. Moving out for shopping and work always takes a toll on your charming skin. 

 The nails are pure keratin that needs regular protein intake to look healthy and shining. But working with water that has high chemical content makes the nails brittle. Even the epidermal surface of the skin gets damaged due to aggressive substances that are present in household cleaners.

 The skin needs a glove made of rich contents that shields the hands from roughness. Skin also needs a cuticle cream that softens the hard cuticles and protects them from deforming. So, always select a good hand and nail care cream to keep your hands looking youthful and wonderful. A routine of using a good body face scrub on the exposed areas of hands and cleaning the dirt and dead skin off with it and at last applying a generous amount of hand cream to lock the natural oils of the skin is a trusted way suggested by beauticians all over the world. 

 The Composition Of The Best Hand And Nail Care Cream:

1. Coconut Oil

Composing of natural ingredients is a specialty in hand cream. Hence, skin always looks for some gorgeous ingredients that keep it smooth and seals its moisture. Coconut contains some fatty acids in them that maintain the health of your skin and keeps the elasticity of the skin intact. One of the fatty acids present in coconut oil has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents. It also prevents water loss from the epidermal layer of the skin. coconut oil is an abundant component found easily and it is infused in all the skin products for its goodness.

2. Olive Oil

Vitamin E is in excess quantity in olive oil which is a major component of most hand creams. This oil penetrates deep inside the pores of the skin to give true hydration to skin cells. an immediate application of hand cream after coming out of the bath seals the moisture and gets absorbed quickly as the skin is wet. The immunity-boosting agents present in olive oil make a protective sheath around the hands and give a super glow to them. if the hands have cracks developed due to winter season blues, extra virgin olive oil present in hand creams is sure to soften the cracks and heal the tattered skin within a few days. Even the skin looks bright due to skin whitening agents working day and night on your hands.

3. Shea Butter

It is a versatile and premier content that is found in great hand cream. The shea butter extracted from the shea nut works as a palliative agent to soothe the skin. it has a thick consistency that gives a creamy base to the best hand cream ever. Shea butter claims to reduce skin fine lines, aging lines, and wrinkles. It even calms the skin irritants and heals the skin after sunburns. 

4. Carrot Seed Oil

Its main component is vitamin A which is a definite skin whitening and brightening compound. Carrot seed oil is natural skin oil that fights the bacteria and keeps all skin allergies at bay is a major content in a good hand and nail treatment cream from Samisha organic. The carrot seed oil contains a component called umbelliferone that absorbs UV rays and makes a good sunblock agent. Thus, it ensures even skin tone and great hands.


Using a moisturizer for your hands is a must when you come out of the shower or go out of your house for office or recreation. A good massage with rich hand cream will keep hands beautiful and young. The fragrance will keep your boyfriend holding your hand again and again. 


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