When Nothing Works For Your Hair, Hair Strengthening Shampoo Is The Last Resort!

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Hair makes a perfect style statement for every individual. Women and men both are conscious of thinning of hair and baldness and it is sure to cause emotional stress. Hair loss may be mild or severe. In some mild cases, it needs a proper hair routine to curb hair fall. But in severe conditions, medicines and various precautions are undertaken to treat hair damage. 

A hair strand is known to grow one inch every month. With the usage of good hair strengthening shampoo or dandruff control shampoo the results are effective. People are using many miraculous organic oils to take care of their hair damage. And you know what? There are positive results when we apply them to the scalp every week.

Causes Of Thinning Of Hair

If any individual experiences hair loss, there are many possible remedies to take care of the situation. But first know the cause that how hair receding is triggered:

• Physical Stress

When a person is going through a phase of difficulty or some tension in life, some physical changes in the body trigger the hair fall symptoms. The situation may build stress and induce significant hair loss. 

• Pregnancy In Women

Post-pregnancy, there is a fall in this hormone level which affects hair growth severely. Thus, it starts when the infant is 3-4 months old. No doubt, this is a temporary phase but it is quite alarming. Soon after which the hair growth starts recovering.

• Heredity And Genes

Male and female pattern hair loss and baldness are heredity problems. These are many conditions that the person is prone to due to his/her hereditary diseases. 

• Poor Diet 

A diet largely based on protein foods is very important to avoid hair loss. Mineral like Iron is also the main nutrient for healthy hair. When eating a diet, should be balanced with protein and iron-rich food. So, the deficiency of these nutrients may cause hair fall and this condition gets reversed when the food habits are improved.

• Thyroid Malfunction

Improper functioning of the thyroid is another cause of hair loss and damages the hair follicles.  

Hair Loss Prevention

There are many symptoms of hair fall like appearing of bald patches and a receding hairline.

So, let's have a quick look at the ways to prevent hair fall:

• Avoid Tight Hairstyles

Avoiding tight hairstyle braids as well as ponytails may be related to damaging the hairline. It’s good to use hair accessories that do not entangle in the hair and break them.  

• Hair Curlers And Straighteners

Heating elements hurt hair. The heat released by it robs the moisture out of your gentle mane. Thus, it makes them brittle in strength and lifeless to look at. So, beware of excessive use of heating iron while styling your hair as it plays havoc. It is good if you ditch the blow dryer also and let the hair dry naturally to keep it healthy. 

• Hair Growth Medicines

Application of hair growth creams like Minoxidil or Corticosteroid medicines is effective in growth of hair. It is found to be useful in covering bald patches in a few months.

• Improving Your Diet

Diet is the reflection of your health. Good food that has a balanced amount of vitamins, minerals, and iron is necessary to revitalize hair growth. Plenty of proteinaceous food like pulses, eggs, and fish induce hair growth in humans. Iron improves blood circulation. 

• Oil Massage

Dry hair breaks easily and weakens the roots. The scalp needs regular nutrition in the form of oil. A hot oil massage should be incorporated into our daily regime to keep the nourishment of the hair intact. When the scalp is massaged with onion oil for hair growth with gentle circular movements using your fingertips, it will stimulate hair growth and reduce the stress level also. Hence, good circulation of blood will help in hair growth and its re-growth. 

• Using A Natural Hair Mask

Preparing a hair mask using aloe vera and some essential oils provide natural benefits to hair. The receding hairline can be prevented using the application of these hair masks. Aloe vera has various enzymes that improve hair growth. 

• Hair Strengthening Shampoos 

Many different hair products like shampoos for keeping hair strong are available in the market from high-end brands. Introducing them to your daily hair grooming regime is a must.


So, all the people out there do not suffer in silence. It’s advisable to use shampoos and oils with natural extracts for reducing hair damage. For uncontrollable conditions, please visit a dermatologist or a hair expert. Consulting a doctor and getting proper treatment will ensure that hair can be regrown before it is too late.

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