Lip Lightening Scrub | Beetroot, Liquorice For Supple And Bright Lips, 30 Gm

Exfoliates I Reduces Dryness | Lighten lips
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✔ Restore natural lip colour.
✔ Made with real beetroot, honey & turmeric
✔ Scrubs away dead cells to reveal softer lips.
✔ Lighten Dark lips & keeps them moisturized for hours.

Beetroot Beetroot has bleaching properties that can moisturize, nourish & lighten dark lips. It also helps in exfoliating dead cells and make way for new fresh skin.

Cucumber Cucumber has hydrating properties. It removes lip dryness & provides it with essential vitamins and minerals.

Liquorice Liquorice has lightening properties, it lightens skin tone and removes dark patches from skin. It also prevents pigmentation due to sun exposure.

Honey Honey is extremely moisturizing and hydrates even the driest of skin. It also nourishes damaged skin to fade dark spots.

Turmeric Oil Extract Turmeric helps to get rid of discoloration to get healthy and pink lips.

Step 1 Wash the face and remove any lip makeup.

Step 2 Take a small quantity of Samisha Organic Beetroot Lip Lightening scrub on the finger.

Step 3 Apply the scrub onto the lips, and gently exfoliate the lips in a circular motion for 1 minute. Leave it for another minute.

Step 4 Rinse your lips properly with fresh water. (Scub may leave beetroot tint around lip area, its completely natural, you can clean it with a clean cloth)

Q. Is it 100% organic lip scrub?
A. Yes, its completely natural lip scrub with beetroot, liquorice, honey & turmeric in it.

Q. How many times in a day we can use it?
A. You can use it once a day, preferably at night before sleeping.

Q. After lip scrub can I use lip balm?
A. Samisha Organic Lip Lightening Scrub has moisturizing properties, as it has honey in it, it moisturizes lips well, you can still use lip balm after using lipscrub.

Q. Lip scrub and lip balm is same?
A. No, lipscrub and lip balm are different, while a lipbalm hydrates lips, lipscrub helps to exfoliate dead skin cells over lips, thus giving you bright, soft & supple lips.

Q. Is this Lip scrub safe for children?
A. Its organic, however we recommend to use for age group 18 plus.

Q. How long we scrub our lips with this lip scruber?
A. You need to scrub your lips in circular motion for 1-2 minutes.

Q. Is it work naturally dark lips?
A. It helps to retain natural lip colour. It exfoliate dead skin cells layer over your lips and makes your lips soft & supple.

Natural Lip Lightening Scrub For Tanned And Darkened Lips

Samisha Organic lip lightening scrub is a gentle natural lips scrub that is indicated for brightening dark lips. It tenderly rubs away dead skin cells as well as restores the normal shade of your lips. It is furthermore participating in obscuring pure nicotine discolorations, healing dried lips, and preserving them as fragile and fashionable. It consists of beetroot, aloe vera, cucumber, liquorice, turmeric oil extract, and honey that improve the color of your lips with constant use. Turmeric oil extract helps eliminate boring discolorations from your lips, while the untainted aloe vera helps the lip tone. This lip scrub for dark lips suits all skin kinds. Rubbing is not a day-to-day practice. Thrice a week requires to be adequate to make sure that your pout continues to be folded and dryness-free.

Beetroot Lip Lightening Scrub

Lip scrub assist to massage away the dead lip skin cells while keeping the lips uber hydrated. It helps soften the skin while exfoliating it, so they carry out the twin job of peeling along with sleeping night mask. It is beneficial to utilize a facial cleansing milk in contrast to the commercial one to gain its benefits of peeling off. Lip skin is fragile as well as also one demand to keep in mind is to delicately scrub the lips without putting too much pressure. Furthermore, a combination of lightening agents like honey as well as color-lending parts in beetroot lip scrub or turmeric further boost the efficiency of such scrubs.

Give Your Lips A Beautiful Appearance By Scrubbing With Lip Lightening Scrub

Scrubbing your lips with a beetroot for lip lightening is among the absolute best means to clear them of coloring. A beetroot lip balm for dark lips mostly cleanses away all the dead skin cells from your lips to expose a brighter even-toned layer beneath. It not just rejects the completely dry skin along with flakiness from the lips yet additionally moisturizes as well as additionally nourishes them while enhancing their gentleness and also smoothness. Utilizing a lip lightening cream likewise helps out of commission the lip skin cells, which increases the overall health as well as wellness of your lips. On top of that, infusion of lightening representatives like honey as well as color-lending elements like beetroot or turmeric, in addition, enhance the performance of such anti acne face cream. Utilizing a lip brightening cream also aids in repairing the lip skin cells, which improves the basic wellness of your lips.

Restore Your Original Lip Colour With Lip Lightening Scrub

Lip Lightening Scrub for tanned & darkened lips by Samisha Organic. The All-natural smoker lips cream is a light, all-natural as well as valuable organic beetroot lip balm for level, totally dry, tanned lips, and dark circles removal cream. It assists in eliminating dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin, and it discloses the natural color of the lips. Its abundant ingredients help not just lighten the lips, but in addition, make them soft, flexible as well as plump. Tanning, as well as dimming of lips, can be created due to several factors, such as cigarette smoking, digestive system difficulties, extreme intake of high levels of caffeine or tea, way excessive sunlight direct exposure, and so forth. This light as well as additionally lighten lips scrub gives health benefits to the lips as well as additionally causes no harm.

  • It reduces tanning and exposes the natural color as it was before tanning. It makes the skin softer in addition to plumper.
  • All the ingredients utilized in this lip lightening scrub are all-natural as well as all-natural. Its chemical-free formula is mild on vulnerable lips as well as aids to make them soft and also flexible.
  • This lip scrub for men is a unisexual item both men and women can utilize this all-natural as well as an all-natural lip balm.
  • Samisha all-natural beetroot scrub for lips is a natural lip scrub that assists to lower sunlight tanning along with tinting on the lips.
  • It gently scrubs the skin of the lips.
  • Beneficial out of commission the lip skin cells with beneficial active ingredients.
  • Antioxidant-rich beetroot benefits for lips may help lighten the dark lips.
  • Preps up the lips for lip make-up application.
  • Helps ease lip roughness or dry skin.
  • Makes lips soft, and smooth in addition to adaptable.
  • Aficionados away dead skin cells without triggering any kind of damage.
  • Aids heal lip chapping and additionally irritation.

Make Your Lips Lush Pink With Organic Lip Lightening Scrub

Appealing lips as soft as cotton is the all-natural Samisha all-natural Lip Scrub for dark lips. It makes your lips smooth and also leaves a velvety, pink-tinted finish behind. It is developed with parts like beetroot, cucumber, liquorice, honey extract, along with turmeric oil extract. It is completely free from cruelty and also chemicals. A lip tan removal cream largely cleans up away all the dead skin cells from your lips to subject a brighter addition to the even-toned layer below. It does not simply dismiss the dryness in addition to flakiness from the lips however additionally moisturizes and also nurtures them while enhancing their soft high qualities in addition to the level of smoothness.


Lip Lightening Scrub | Beetroot, Liquorice For Supple And Bright Lips, 30 Gm

Rs. 399.00 Rs. 0.00 ( / )