6 Ways To Get Glowing Skin With Brightening Face Cream

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We all know that beauty is overrated and the person must be born with a golden heart to be loved by all. If you have both then you are blessed by the cosmos anyway, but if you are born with only external flaws read this article and get the radiance using brightening face cream, cleansers, and other serums.

 The key ingredient to getting beautiful skin is routine care and the right selection of products. It is very important to use only good quality skin products to transform dull skin into luminous and glowing one. The time and effort that is invested in skin cleansing are very crucial in providing healthy skin. Skin repair in the form of using night creams and face lightening cream for dark skin will always pay off in the form of “natural glowing skin”.

Needs Of Our Skin

Our skin needs regular food in the form of moisturizers and serums. The products that promise skin transformation are packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, and Salicylic acid. These high-end products are recommended by dermatologists all over the world for immediate effects. 

Steps to get instant brightness using cosmetics

1. Routine Cleansing 

Irrespective of your complexion, if you indulge in regular face cleansing using a pH-balanced face wash you are in a win-win situation. Our face needs a mild cleanser that can fight external agents like dust, pollutants, and lead particles in the air that come in direct contact with our skin. So, put a small drop of organic face wash for glowing and pimple-free skin on your palms and massage it in circular motions wiping out all the impurities on your skin. 

2. Exfoliation 

After washing your face with a face wash, using a scrub or an exfoliator is a good way to remove a layer of dead skin cells and reveal the youthful skin underneath. It is time-tested that many natural ingredients that are present in the face scrub are good to treat clogged pores and scars on the face. Thus a smooth skin texture will be the result of light scrubbing. Though this step tones the skin, a harsh exfoliator may bruise the skin.

3. Toning 

Application of toner on your cleansed skin is good as it soothes the skin pores. It is an ultimate product that prevents flaking of the skin and keeps it supple. The epidermal skin is sensitive to beauty products so, a layer of toner is necessary to heal the skin. Toners are meant to target sensitive skin areas and keep them healthy.

4. Moisturizing 

Using a non-greasy water-based moisturizer in the summers and a cream baser moisturizer in the winters makes a protective layer on the skin. The skin will be happy to be nourished quickly after cleansing regimes. It is a good investment to buy a natural moisturizer with rich ingredients that hydrate every inch of your exposed skin. There are different moisturizers for different types of skin cells that are clinically tested. Thus, always pick the one that suits your skin type and penetrates the skin without leaving stickiness.

5. Skin Brightening Cream 

The face loves brightening face cream when the moisturizer is skipped as it has skin brightening properties. The dark spots and dullness on the face vanish when an excellent skin brightening cream is applied to clean the skin regularly. It has natural extracts that help to reduce the dullness of the skin. It is formulated with complex anti-oxidants that combat free radicals on the skin. The face serum for oily skin is a lightweight cosmetic that can be worn on the skin while going to work.

6. Sunscreen

The last beauty step is the SPF(sun protection factor). Many herbal sunscreen products prevent skin aging and aids in renewing the skin cells. It rejuvenates the underlying skin by blocking the adverse effects of the sun’s rays. It is the best solution for stopping premature aging.


Although the shelved products claim a lot about delivering powerful results for youthful bright skin, a patch test with the selected product can be your first step to long-lasting fairness and brightening. So, don’t worry if you do not have great skin. Here is a dedicated skincare regime that is sure to blow your mind and the organic products from Samisha organics are determined to deliver flawless and bright skin. 

We all took birth with different types of skin so, it may be possible that the products that work wonders on your friend may not be good for your skin. So, patiently one should select cosmetics that your skin loves. Listen to the voice of your skin cells and they will tell you how to balance between good and bad. Happy skin journey that takes you to the right path.

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