Natural Skin Brightening Combo (Vitamin C Face Wash + Day Night Brightness Cream Moisturizer)

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Samisha Organic bring you the bestselling combo which people usually buy in repeated orders. Its a perfect skincare routine. A combo of Vitamin C Facewash and Day/Night Brightening cream that will fade blemishes, pigmentation, scars and gives you spotless clear radiant complexion.

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Samisha Morning Breeze Face Wash is a complete skin care routine in its own. It solves various skin concerns and is suitable for all skin types.

- Deeply Hydrates & Nourish Skin
- Deeply Cleanses Skin Removing Dirt, Oil & Pollutants
- Stimulates Blood Circulation
- Helps to Brighten Skin
- Pigmentation, Blemish & Scar Removal
- Minimizing Pores & Fine Lines
- Completely Organic

Samisha brings you Day and Night Brightening Face Cream that is packed with natural ingredients.

- Delays Signs of Aging
- Deeply Nourish & Hydrates Skin
- Brightens Skin
- Lightens Blemishes
- Prevents Sun Damage
- Suitable For All Skin Types
- Completely Organic