A Girl Review of Under Eye Dark Circle Removal Cream!

dark circle removal cream

It’s so hard to go out with Dark Circle. Exactly a year ago I was suffering from a Dark circle, it made me stressed, Because of the Dark circle I lost my confidence and many things related to personal development. A few Months Ago I was introduced to a Dark circle Removal Cream, which made my life easier.

It removes my Dark circle easily. Did you know that the under-eye circle Affects over 81% of the population?

But it cannot affect you if you take care of this.

Before choosing the Dark Circle Removal Cream I did good research for more than 2 Months to analyze what is best or what is not, after a lot of research I found that Dark Circle Removal Cream.

Why I choose SAMISHA Organic Dark Circle Removal Cream?

Before Anything,  My first point for choosing Samisha Over any other Brand of Dark circle removal cream is; it is a pure organic-based product.

A Year ago I had a huge Dark circle so I had to choose a product to remove my under-eye Dark circle, to choose I decided to read reviews and Feedback from people, and it sounds Good.

dark circle removal cream


Without thinking anymore, I Chose the SAMISHA Dark Circle Removal Cream because it consists of aloe vera and cucumber that helps remove dark circles easily without any harm to the Skin.

Why did I choose Cucumber Extract Dark Circle Cream?

Cucumber has Astringent Properties which help the Eye to reduce dryness and also increase skin elasticity.

Cucumber also helps to reduce the puffiness of the Eyes.

It also consists of many other ingredients like:

Sunflower oil, Grape seed oil, and Almond Oil help the eye to give more Vitamin E, increase Complexion and skin tone, Reduce scars prevent the eye from Sun Rays, and many other things.

Anything else, Eyes are important but the most important is choosing the right product to cure Eyes. No doubt Samisha supports my ethics so I can easily refer you to use this Dark Circle Removal Cream without any hesitation if you are also suffering from the Dark Circle for a very long time.

My Approach to Using Cream

I use this under eye bag removal cream from SAMISHA twice a day. I am now a health-conscious person so I do my skin care twice a day i.e., In the morning or in Night.

When I ordered the SAMISHA Under eye cream, and the day I got this in my hand I was on another level of Happiness, it felt like my Birthday, Because I was eager to use this, coz of this heavy under-eye circle on my face.

No doubt there is something special about the packaging that feels super precious and exciting at the same time, it's a special treat to me.

As I open the Box of cream it smells so good. In the past used two more Brands to remove my eye circle but it didn’t smell like this, there is something special in the smell of this Product.

After opening it, I thought about how they could help me remove the Dark circle very easily, I could not wait for more to add this to my skincare routine.

The next morning when I started putting the cream in my skincare routine, it felt so good. I started putting my Under Eye cream below my Eyes and it frequently reduces the heatness of the eye I was amazed to see the results.

After a few minutes, I finished rubbing the cream below my eye and went to bed for half an hour to see how the cream would work.

After 30-35 Minutes it’s time to wash because I have to go to work.

But the routine is not the same for the Night-time

At Night time I apply the cream and leave it for a full night, I wash it away in the early morning.

You can use it Once a day if you are having a busy day.  It will work like a soldier for eyes.

After using it in the Morning My Eyes remained cool all day. Before using the Product I was suffering from Eye pain because of the heatness in the eye.

You can easily see the results after 6 to 8 Weeks which is recommended by the Brand and the experts.

But usually, brands recommend a time frame of 8 Weeks to remove dark circles Completely.


I am very impressed by the SAMISHA Dark Circle Removal Cream. I can easily see the brightness in my eyes after 2 weeks of regular use of the Cream. But the improvement I need is to appear in the 4 weeks after using this. This is usually also a timeframe experts recommend.

I am super happy after using this, even my family members can easily spot the difference in under circle. Some of them even asked which product I was using. I had a dark circle for the last 1 - 1.5 Years and now it completely removed. I felt like I am now full of confidence after using this Cream.

It’s almost 8 months or a year I have been using the same product and I can officially say that I am a big fan of SAMISHA Dark Circle Removal Cream.

I’ve finally found something that works nicely for me, This dark circle cream helped me a lot and now I am eager to use more products SAMISHA ORGANIC.

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