Lip Lightening Scrub | Beetroot, Liquorice For Supple And Bright Lips, 30 Gm

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Smoking, industrial pollution, sun exposure, lipstick usage, hot drinks often leads to dark lips. Samisha brings you Beetroot Lip Lightening Scrub which is a perfect solution to lighten your dark lips and bring back your natural lip color. It's enriched with natural ingredients like beetroot, cucumber, liquorice, turmeric & honey which helps to remove dark spots from lips & will make your lips soft, supple & hydrated.

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Samisha brings you Beetroot Lip Lightening Scrub which is a perfect solution to lighten your dark lips and bring back your natural lip color.

- Helps in Softening & Toning Lip Skin
- Rejuvenates Skin Cells
- Removes Dead Skin Cells
- Restores Natural Lip Colour
- Soften & Brighten Lips
- Hydrates Deeply
- Completely Organic

We recommend you to use this scrub thrice a week, specially at night and also maintain a healthy lifestyle to enhance its effects. You can also use best under eye dark circles removal cream 
to remove dark circles under eye along with this lip scrub for soft supple bright lips.

Clearing Dark patches
Samisha Organic Beetroot Lip lightening scrub is a natural lip scrub for dark lips which will help in clearing dark patches and spots which are caused due to smoking, pollution, caffeine, hot drinks, etc. and retains natural lip colour.

Perfect Blend of nature
Its a natural lipscrub for men & women both, infused with the goodness of nature and made of beneficial ingredients such as beetroot, aloe vera, cucumber, liquorice, turmeric oil extract, and honey. All these ingredients are very beneficial, will help in getting light and bright lips.

No side effects
It is completely made of natural ingredients and contains no harmful industrial chemicals such as parabens, sulphates, silicones or mineral oils. It has no side effects on the lips.

Removes dead skin cells
It gently scrubs off the dead skin cells and reveals the natural colour of lips makes them soft, supple, removes pigmentation and lightens the lips. It keeps the lips nourished and hydrated.

Beetroot Beetroot has bleaching properties that can moisturize, nourish & lighten dark lips. It also helps in exfoliating dead cells and make way for new fresh skin.

Cucumber Cucumber has hydrating properties. It removes lip dryness & provides it with essential vitamins and minerals.

Liquorice Liquorice has lightening properties, it lightens skin tone and removes dark patches from skin. It also prevents pigmentation due to sun exposure.

Honey Honey is extremely moisturizing and hydrates even the driest of skin. It also nourishes damaged skin to fade dark spots.

Turmeric Oil Extract Turmeric helps to get rid of discoloration to get healthy and pink lips.

Step 1 Wash the face and remove any lip makeup.

Step 2 Take a small quantity of Samisha Organic Beetroot Lip Lightening scrub on the finger.

Step 3 Apply the scrub onto the lips, and gently exfoliate the lips in a circular motion for 1 minute. Leave it for another minute.

Step 4 Rinse your lips properly with fresh water. (Scub may leave beetroot tint around lip area, its completely natural, you can clean it with a clean cloth)

Q. Is it 100% organic lip scrub?
A. Yes, its completely natural lip scrub with beetroot, liquorice, honey & turmeric in it.

Q. How many times in a day we can use it?
A. You can use it once a day, preferably at night before sleeping.

Q. After lip scrub can I use lip balm?
A. Samisha Organic Lip Lightening Scrub has moisturizing properties, as it has honey in it, it moisturizes lips well, you can still use lip balm after using lipscrub.

Q. Lip scrub and lip balm is same?
A. No, lipscrub and lip balm are different, while a lipbalm hydrates lips, lipscrub helps to exfoliate dead skin cells over lips, thus giving you bright, soft & supple lips.

Q. Is this Lip scrub safe for children?
A. Its organic, however we recommend to use for age group 18 plus.

Q. How long we scrub our lips with this lip scruber?
A. You need to scrub your lips in circular motion for 1-2 minutes.

Q. Is it work naturally dark lips?
A. It helps to retain natural lip colour. It exfoliate dead skin cells layer over your lips and makes your lips soft & supple.

Samisha Organic or “Being Beautiful” is a Skin Care brand which has a wide range of quality skin care products. As we say “Glow Everyday” we mean it as our products are made from natural ingredients with its roots in mother earth's lap. Dedicated to creating organic & cruelty free products, we are inspired by nature and ancient beauty practices. Samisha Organic products are composed using non-toxic and pure ingredients free from sulphates, silicones, parabens, harsh detergents and mineral oils. Our products are highly used for their longer shelf life, accurate composition, and excellent purity. Our brand aims, that we can directly or indirectly work for the goodness of customers and can add some value to their life. We are sustainably sound as we keep the needs of the future generation in mind while doing use of resources.

Lip Lightening Scrub | Beetroot, Liquorice For Supple And Bright Lips, 30 Gm

Rs. 399.00 Rs. 799.00 ( / )