Remedial Foot Care Cream For Cracks And Tanned Skin | Moisturizer For Feet, 75GM

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Presenting all natural Samisha foot care cream from our range of skin care. Its ideal for anyone looking for relief from cracked heels, swollen feet and tired feet and ankles. Our pure and natural foot care cream is a combination of aloevera, olive oil, jojoba oil & neem extracts which take care of your feet in natural way.

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  • Samisha Organic Foot Care Cream is an Ayurvedic Remedy For Dry & Rough Feet : Aloe Vera, being a natural moisturizing agent, helps hydrate feet & maintain skin health. Its all natural with the goodness of olive oil, jojoba oil, neem extracts and aloevera that repair cracked heels. this cream exfoliates dead skin cells gently & help in promoted new skin naturally. Olive oil and jojoba oil helps to heal & repair cracks, making heels soft & smooth. This is undoubtedly best moisturizer for feet as it makes your feet soft and smooth.
  • This cream is the best foot care cream and its an excellent remedy for itchy feet as aloevera and neem in it have natural antiseptic properties that kills germs & protects your feet from infections & other related issue. Most importantly Samisha Organic Footcare cream is is an ayurvedic, paraben-free, sulphate-free foot cream. its gentle & safe for all skin types.
  • For taking care of your hands and nails you can always try hand and nail treatment cream, it will make your nails soft and brighten your skin.

Aloevera: It soothes & moisturizes dry itchy skin.

Olive Oil: It moisturizes skin by locking in moisture, and its antioxidants can help to improve signs of aging.

Jojoba Oil: Jojoba oil contains natural forms of vitamin E. This vitamin works with your skinTrusted Source as an antioxidant. This means that jojoba oil can help your skin fight oxidative stress caused by everyday exposure to pollutants and other toxins.

Neem Extracts: The presence of vitamin E and fatty acids in neem facilitates collagen production, which helps maintain the elasticity of your skin.

Step1: Clean your feet with warm water.

Step2: Apply liberally over feet, between toes focussing on cracked areas.

For best results apply twice daily.

1. How can I stop my heels from cracking?
You should use Samisha Organic Foot care cream to stop heels from cracking. It has olive oil, jojoba oil, neem extracts & aloe vera as major ingredients which heals cracked heels and makes them smooth.

2. Does organic foot care cream permanently fix cracked heels?
Samisha Organic Foot care cream helps to fix cracked heels, however if you stop applying it and dont take care of your heels, then cracked heels issue can again occur.

3. How many times do be used foot cream in a day?
Samisha Organic Foot care cream can be applied once or twice a day after properly washing hands with normal water.

4. Do I put moisturizer between my toes?
Yes you can put moisturizer between your toes. It will heal dry skin and makes your toes smooth.

5. How do I hydrate my feet for a long time?
Samisha Organic Foot care cream is the best is the best solution to hydrate feet for a long time.

Samisha Organic or “Being Beautiful” is a Skin Care brand which has a wide range of quality skin care products. As we say “Glow Everyday” we mean it as our products are made from natural ingredients with its roots in mother earth's lap. Dedicated to creating organic & cruelty free products, we are inspired by nature and ancient beauty practices. Samisha Organic products are composed using non-toxic and pure ingredients free from sulphates, silicones, parabens, harsh detergents and mineral oils. Our products are highly used for their longer shelf life, accurate composition, and excellent purity. Our brand aims, that we can directly or indirectly work for the goodness of customers and can add some value to their life. We are sustainably sound as we keep the needs of the future generation in mind while doing use of resources.

Remedial Foot Care Cream For Cracks And Tanned Skin | Moisturizer For Feet, 75GM

Rs. 275.00 Rs. 499.00 ( / )